Luxury Lighting is a manufacturer of high quality, low cost, and stylish home lighting for both export and domestic market. With a management and well-trained staff and indeed many years of experience in design, production, and distribution of light products, Luxury lighting is unique company in its own class of manufacturing. Our company produces a variety of home lighting of many styles, which is exported to Europe, USA, middle-east, Latin American countries, Russia, as well as China mainland. We also design and produce projects based lighting for hotels, offices, and other commercial building. Combining western management discipline, low cost advantages of manufacturing in China, minimal advertisement and just in time production we can provide quality products at low cost. All partners have business, science, and art education and involved in all aspects of designing, production, and marketing of our products. We offer a professional approach to our partnership with clients, and quality and customer service is the top priority for us. Please contact us for more information.